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My grand-parents in the 60s


Then in 1970, my mother got pregnant again with my brother Stéphane at which time the social worker who was looking after me offered my mother to place me in a home. She gratefully accepted and I was sent to the "Institut Terrefort" in St Loubès near Bordeaux. I was then 12 and I never lived with my mother again after that. A year later I was sent to the "Foyer des Templiers" in Bordeaux where I stayed until I was eighteen.

L'Institut Terrefort


This photo was taken in 1971 by my step father on one of my rare visits. I'm with my mum, my half sister and brother.



The army,
not a very pleasant experience!

Adieu la France, tu ne me manqueras pas!


My first year in London

It was great!!!




Me in 1982 in my first bedsit in London, just arrived from Turkey.


Kathy, my first wife
with our baby in front of our house in Finchley


A lone horseman in Mongolia.

I took this picture through the window of the train, so it's a bit grainy... Fortunately, the ice on the track made the train go very slowly. It took seven days to reach Bejing from Moscow.


From Bejing, we went to Chunking in Sichuan province to get on the boat going from Chunking to Wuhan and Shanghai on the Yangtze Kiang. After reading "Destination Chunking" by Han Suyin, I also wanted to see the city she struggled so much to reach.

It's hard to pull a cart in Chunking


Us in Launceston

And 20 years later in sunny Tasmania with Susan. I hope Tasmania will be my last port of call. We're here for the long haul. This little island (well not so little, it's the size of Ireland after all!), is the most beautiful place in the world, and I'm happy to call Tasmania home...


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